Short Term Stock Trends 8/17/2018


Question:   The chart below has information on number of times stock price has increased in the past 10 days for six ETFs.   The chart also has the median number of up days for a 10-day period over the past year for the six funds.

What funds have streaks that are above or below average?

Are there any obvious buy or sell signals?

The Data:

Short Term Stock Trends
Up days over last 10-day period Median Stock Up Days
Fund Sector 8/17/18 2017-2018
VDE Energy 6 5
VDC Consumer Staples 4 5
VFH Financial 6 6
VHT Health Care 6 6
VIS Industrials 5 6
VGT Information Technology 7 6


The Discussion:

Current number of stock wins out of 10 days is lower than median by 1 day for consumer staples and industrials.

Current number of stock wind out of 10 days is higher than median by 1 day for energy and technology,

I do not see any obvious buy or sell signals based on the analysis of number of recent up days.

This post relies on a previous Excel post on the use of the frequency function in Excel.




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