The Opening Salvo of the 2024 Health Care Reform Debate

The paper “A 2024 Health Care Reform Proposal” is available free for a limited number of potential reviewers.  Just go to this link

and apply promotion coder REVIEWER1.

Ideas in this paper could reduce number of people without health insurance and improve the quality of coverage.

Proposals Include:

  • Having employers subsidize state exchange health insurance instead of paying for firm-specific health insurance to reduce loss of insurance during periods of unemployment and job transitions.
  • Further modifications to the premium tax credit to reduce worker share of premiums for middle-income young adults without employer-based coverage.
  • Creation of new low-cost comprehensive health insurance plans combined with the elimination of current short-term health insurance plans.
  • Improvements in Health Savings Account for low-income and mid-income households. 
  • Creation of incentives leading to Increased access to top hospitals and specialists.

Again, purchase at a low price of $2.50 or download a free sample copy here.

I hope if you take the free sample, you will provide me with feedback either in the form of an email to or through an on-line review.

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